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    Is your little one on a “no” streak? A good friend of mine recently asked me how to get her little one to be more adventurous with his tastes.  He started solids recently and would only eat bland veggies out of a jar.  Frustrating indeed.  As a new mother it is always exciting when you get clearance from your pediatrician to start solids.  Part of you thinks you will be able to give your baby all sorts of foods and flavors and they will just gobble it all up.  Easy peasy.

    Not so.

    It’s quite normal for babies to take 10-15 tries to get used to a flavor.  And even then, we are not all programmed to love everything (my 3-year-old, Kirina, can’t stand potatoes in any form to this day.  Me? Fish of any kind).  But before you write off a certain food for your baby, it is important to keep offering diverse foods and flavors so that your little one’s taste buds will have a chance to acclimate to something new.  Your baby will get used to trying different things, and also be able to handle more adult flavors with ease as time goes by.

    I told my dear friend to try adding a pinch of this or that to her baby’s food (seasonings) to liven things up.  A pinch of salt or pepper, a pinch of cinnamon in sweet potatoes, some basil in carrot puree.  All easy ways to liven up baby food.  Guess what? It worked!  Her son branched out and began accepting new flavors.  Yay for yummy baby food! This little guy is definitely on his way to some culinary adventures.

    Spice is nice!

    In short, babies are people too. If a food is tasty to you, chances are it will be tasty to your little one.  Most of us don’t eat bland mush. But if mush has to be eaten (which for young  babies is sort of a given), then at least let it be tasty mush. 🙂

    From Ela’s highchair to your little one’s, bon appetit!


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